Recording Policy Disclosure

Why am I being recorded?
  • To ensure our team doesn’t try to sell you anything you don’t need, only recommending solutions discussed.
  • To ensure our next interaction is not redundant, we can be prepared with all historical context to serve you most efficiently.
  • Quality assurance, if ever any question or dispute, we can validate what exactly was discussed and ensure it aligns with services performed or products sold.
  • So our team members have a virtual mentor guiding them through how to best help you via AI.
  • So that we and our partners can offer products and services that may be relevant to you.

Can I opt out?

Of course! Simply state you’d like to opt out either verbally or in response to the message by which you received this link. By opting out of recording our interactions you agree to hold harmless our companies for any of the above benefits of logging our conversations.
But that’s the basic human language. Our attorneys also suggest we translate this to a more formal legalese:

Consent to Recording & Data Use

Please note parts of conversations with our companies team members may be recorded. We and our business partners use these recordings and information derived from them to (1) personalize and improve our services, communications, and solutions for you, (2) help evaluate financing options, and (3) infer potential interests to help us and our partners provide relevant advertising to you and others.


You can read more in our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms & Conditions.